Harrie Liveart


It all started 2008 on the roof top at the shore of the Pea Island when two minds successfully melted in the warming spring sun. The merging flood of blasting ideas gathered themselves during a year before the flux. now we are sailing where it brings us... / Harrie Liveart

While working we have an intuitive way of shifting ideas between one another. As our collaboration has rooted itself, we have started to see the duo combination as a third common will, a persona itself. This forms the foundation of our collaboration: Harrie Liveart.

The consensus of our common artistic working method is spontaneous and based on trust, humour and encouragement. We usually work with installation based liveart where our bodies are present as objects or as part of the materials we use. The pieces are usually formed from one main component which have properties that we find fascinating when put out of its conventional usage.

Today we are developing a functioning entity that would be equally interesting with or without the presence of our own performative act.

Harrie Liveart: Nomadic Nanostate, 2015, participatory installation. (Photo: Timo Nieminen.)

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