Mime a.k.a Michiko. E is a Helsinki based media artist. She combines visual art, music and technology by using 3D computer graphics to tell stories. In the past years her works were selected and nominated in various international media festivals.
She studied and holds MFA degree from Finnish Academy of Fine Art.


Mime: Dragonfly, 2015, 3D animation (photo: Timo Nieminen).


Inspired by little details that surround our environment, I grasp moments that may be unwitnessed if one is not still.
Those are greatness in small but at a glance they may seem insignificantly tiny things.
Yet once we become aware of them, their interplay of beauty and grotesque, evolution and brutality awake curiosity to look them into more deeper and closer scales.
Just like painters or sculptors who create works of art to capture the nature and life in general, I see no difference between my choice of working with 3D-computer graphics and so called classical methods, in pursuing to approach something bigger than ourselves and translate it into forms of art.

Originally "Dragonfly" emerged from a musical collaboration with NY/Tokyo based DJ/producer Hiro Awanohara a.k.a Yellowtail and artist herself, Mime. Their LP "Youth" will be released this year in 2015.

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