NÆS - Nomad Agency / Archive of Emergent Studies

NÆS is a collective-connective research agency and a cultural production studio focusing on emergent and resilent dynamics of social organization.
It functions as a platform for activating alternative forms of knowledge production and critical thinking.

NÆS is founded by artist/architect/designer David Muoz. The Trace exercise series is realized in collaboration with curator/art educator Ahmed Al-Nawas and curator/researcher Giovanna Esposito Yussif.

The Trace (Exercise No.3) is part of a long-term artistic research that explores historical memories in resonance with resilient and dissident social dynamics. The project is a continuation of a research detonated by the finding of several banners that were produced for different protests taking place in Finland during the 50's to the 70's, which were demanding many of the civil rights that later on shaped the Nation's welfare state.

NÆS used this findings as a tool to unveil and activate particular historical memories in order to mirror and challenge current problematics in this moment of social unrest. Thus, the project becomes a possibility to recover resilient lines of historical consciousness that have been silenced, denied or forgotten in order to have a better understanding of our present and a possibility to rethink the roads we are paving for the future.

For Mänttä we will present a mixed-media installation of the up to date project, including a selection of elements from the previous exhibition.


NÆS - Nomad Agency / Archive of Emergent Studies: The Trace (Exercise No. 3),
2015, installation (photos: Timo Nieminen).

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